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What is Plugrush and it's History

Plugrush is an "next Generation Traffic Ad Network" to Buy, Sell and Trade Adult Traffic. This is also Adult Traffic Monetization Program which uses customizable widgets to display advertisement and content in a new innovative way. 

PlugRush is owned and managed by JMT Nordic AS, a Norwegian privately owned company, which was founded in late 2007 and its VAT ID is 993274585. The original concept was to let people trade Adult traffic automatically, correctly without wasting lots of time doing it. "This Innovative idea became very popular among adult webmasters. That opened new door for plugrush to enter into next level which allows buying and selling traffic. Today Adult webmasters can trade traffic, buy or sell web traffic, buy or sell mobile traffic easily and quickly with one account"

website :

Trade Adult Traffic

Plugrush Trade traffic is best Traffic Exchange program, with that you can exchange traffic with thousands of similar sites. All you need to do is add your website or Tube in your publisher account. create a widget for it and place the widget on your website. You receive the exact GEOGRAPHIC of traffic you sent, but in the form of a brand new visitor, this is on of the best feature of this program..

Sell Adult Traffic - Publisher

After Getting Free Pulgrush Publisher Account. Add your website, create a widget and place it in your site and start selling traffic directly to a large network of advertisers.

  • Minimum Payout : $25
  • PayMent Methods : Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, Redpass, Wire Transfer.

There are Three main methods of Magnetization :
  • Plug Traffic : Plug traffic is that traffic which is sold via widgets.In simple words A Unique clicked traffic Generated through plugrush widgets
  • Mobile Traffic : Mobile traffic is also sold through Widgets. System instantly detect visitor is on a mobile device or desktop, and when a visitor click to any advertisement automatically redirected to an advertiser site who pays for this mobile visitor and you will earn money instantly.
  • Popunder Traffic : This kind of traffic is sold through a popunder window that opens when a visitor clicks anywhere on your website. you can create this small script in your account and start earning instantly.

Buy Traffic - Advertiser

With your Plugrush Advertiser account you can buy high quality Geo Targeted traffic easily for your websites. There are more than 25,000 Publishers who holds millions of visitors per day. You can setup your campaign with in a few minutes and start driving traffic to your website. Whether you need Web traffic, mobile redirects or popunders Plugrush is the right place.

Plugrush offer several ways for advertisers to Advertise.

  1. Mobile Plug Traffic (Clicked)
  2. Mobile Redirect Traffic
  3. Mobile Pop Traffic
  4. Plug Traffic (Clicked)
  5. Blind Traffic (Clicked)
  6. Popunder Traffic
  7. Adblock Redirect Traffic

Clicked means when visitor click on advertisement provided by plugrush in form of Thumbs.

Join now :

You can monetize your website using both Awempire and Exoclick Together with Plugrush.

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