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“Get paid for sharing Links”

Linkbucks Alternative

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Linkbucks have exploited the very basic attribute of world wide web (www) to generate money. This very basic and most fundamental attribute of www is hyperlink! Hyperlink (link) is what makes all web pages & other resources on the internet accessible. Over www we have addresses of resources in the form of links. If we want to share a picture with our friends, we upload it and share its link. In similar way, whatever resource (such as text files, executable files, music files, video files, xyz...) we put on www/internet we represent the location of these resources in the form of links. So, when everything on internet is represented by links, then why not to earn money through our links? Dont you think this idea is great!!!!

It is basically a link shortening technique, you upload your original links on LinkBucks which provides you modified shortened links. These modified links when distributed over web and clicked by users, ads gets displayed inplace of direct web page or resources the original links are pointing to. The modified links can be distributed through comments on certain websites, on your own website, in discussion forums etc.

It provides opportunities for all, that is, for Webmasters/publishers, for Web Users, and for Advertisers. What LinkBucks offer for each of these segments of internet users, let us discuss one by one.

Webmasters / Publishers:

The traditional approach of publishers having content oriented themes rather than service oriented is to join some pay per click (PPC) ad network, get ads displayed on different parts of their websites through such ad networks and expect their visitors to click on these ads. More visitors more ad clicks and in turn more money. However, one of the biggest problems the publishers face in this approach is irrelevant ads being displayed by PPC Ad networks which decreases the chances of ad clicks and in turn decreases the revenue. Another problem is the number of ads required to be displayed on website. More ads on the website increases chances of clicks by website visitors. However flooding websites with greater number of ads irritates users and does not leave a good impression about your website. Such experience reduces the number of loyal visitors of any website.

Now if you have a website which provides links of useful resources to visitors, then apart from traditional Ad networks to generate revenue, you can also make use of linkBucks to monetize your links. Whenever your links are clicked by users, they are presented some relevant ads by LinkBucks before the actual link gets opened up. The most fantastic thing is, by doing so you will generate money out of non loyal visitors of you website. Here you target those visitors who are anyway going somewhere else from your site by clicking on links you have provided. So, they leave your website and also leave some bucks in your pocket. Great idea!

Linkbucks has paid out more than $1.2 Million USD since it opened its doors over 5 years ago. Unlike many other advertisers LinkBucks also allows adult-oriented publishers. The rates for publishers are country dependent and are subject to change on daily basis.

Web Users:

Before such kind of platform, the web users who used to share their links over web had no other choice than relying on webmasters for money or they were never get paid for their links. With linkBucks the regular users can also add some bucks to their pockets through any of their links. You just have to add your links to LinkBucks and then share it on any platform over web. Whoever clicks your links will be presented some ads by LinkBucks before your actual link gets opened and you will be paid for this. Its so simple! If you share links on web usually, then don’t waste any more time and efforts, create your account on LinkBucks right now. Add your links to LinkBucks first, it will provide you with modified shortened links which still points to your original page/resource. Whenever these modified links will be clicked by any user on the web, an Ad will be displayed. You can also select the type of ads to be displayed on your links through your LinkBucks account.

There is a little more amount of efforts you can put in order to make it more successful. Promote your links through social media. You can post your links on blogs, in comments on other websites, share through social media network for free. This will bring more clicks to your links and in turn more money.

Note: don’t expect big amounts on single clicks, however if your links gets clicks consistently and in a good amount then you can generate more money. So, as usual, the basic issue remains traffic.

Minimum Payout: 10$

Payout Period: On Demand! Fantastic!

LinkBucks is reliable. Here we are adding some payment proofs for your reference : Payment Proof January 2014


LinkBucks provides good options for creating and managing Ad campaigns. Advertisers can also monitor and analyse detailed real-time statistics to check the performance of their campaigns and accordingly take decisions to modify the campaigns to improve results & utilise funds/budget more effectively.

Types of ads: LinkBucks provides two types of Ads- Intermission & pop unders. In case of Intermission ads when user clicks on a link, a full page ad gets displayed before actual page is displayed. The pop unders are somewhat like pop-ups but are more effective and less obtrusive.

Some exciting features for advertisers are:

• Visitors to your website must stay for 8-10 seconds otherwise the traffic is free.

• LinkBucks offers good advertising rates for social marketing.

• It also accepts adult-orientated advertising, something not found at most of its competitors.

• LinkBucks sell traffic on bidding basis which allows you to get more traffic when needed.

• You can also limit traffic delivered to your website to be unique visitors only.

• You can choose how you want traffic to be served: evenly distributed throughout the day or provided as much as possible.

Minimum Budget: 20$.

LinkBucks promises Advertisers to receive at least 50% additional free traffic.

LinkBucks Bidding System: Just create campaigns and then pay for them after having deposited funds. Use the detailed real-time statistics to track and monitor your campaigns. You can start your campaign in different countries of your choice. The rates for advertising cost per 1000 views may change on daily basis.

By being able to bid, advertisers can set the price they're willing to pay for traffic, instead of the cost being imposed by Linkbucks. While creating your campaigns you can set your bids and can also adjust your bids on the fly while your campaigns are running. Advertisers can check the available traffic in particular countries and bid for the same. Higher bids for traffic for a specific country means more chances of getting traffic from the available traffic of that country. Advertisers can check the available traffic for a specific time frame, for type of Ad, and for content type for different countries. Advertisers can also check the top & average bids already made for the traffic of all allowed countries.

Advertisers can set their campaigns according to their budget and rates & traffic available for different countries.

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