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  1. Are you a Publisher? Want to make revenue out of a website with adult contents? ExoClick can be a solution!
  2. Are you an Advertiser? Want to advertise your website with adult contents? Want relevant traffic to your website with adult contents? ExoClick can be a solution!

Brief Highlights of ExoClick: Join Now 

  • Exolick is Spain based company and It Was founded in December 2006.
  • By 2012 ExoClick reached 2 billion impressions/day.
  • One of the world's leading Ad Server. Creatives served from a global CDN, with over 4,000 servers in 35 strategic locations.
  • Provides real time statistics and Extensive customer support.

Advertiser and Publisher Solution :

For Adult Publisher & WebMaster :

  • ExoClick provides to Advertisers several high-impact ad units such as Text ads with thumbnail, Banners CPM or CPC based, Text Links, Pop-ups and Pop-unders…..
  • Exoclick optimizes ad delivery for higher payouts using EXDAS (A professional ad serving platform offering advanced capabilities).
  • You can follow the performance of each ad spot (CTR, Impressions and revenue) in real time. Accordingly you can assess which ad spaces on your website produces maximum revenues.
  • Ad formats: Exoclick provides you various ad formats both for web and mobile. So, you can choose an ad format which is suitable to your application.
  • On time payments: Get paid weekly or monthly Via Paxum, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Paypal.
  • Minimum Payout: $20

Type of Ads

  1. Mobile:  Ad sizes are optimized for mobile screens including smartphones iphone, HTC, BlackBerry,…) and tablets iPad, Galaxy Tab, …). 300x250, 300x100, 300x50, popups, redirections
  2. In- video ads: You can display ads within you video player also. 300x250 banner (pre-roll, on pause and post-roll); 468x60 banner or text ad (in stream).
  3. Customizable Text Ads: These are CPC based ads which can also include a 100X100 pixels thumbnail. You are paid for clicks that user perform on these ads.
  4. Display Banners: 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, 250x250, 120x600, 160x600, 300x600, 260x340. Upto 50k size files of GIF, JPEG, HTML are served.
  5. Direct Link.
  6. Popunder: It is a full page ad which appears when user clicks anywhere on the page he visits. The ad is displayed in a window which is hidden behind the main window.
  7. Interstitial: similar to popunder in terms of size. This ad is displayed always before or after an expected content page as if it was a part of site the user is visiting.
  8. Instant Message: Targeted for dating and livecam products. A chat box is displayed at the bottom right of the page

For Advertisers:

  • Publishers can create custom ad campaigns by setting various parameters like Ad link, link text, CPC, duration, keywords, countries, ad format …
  • There are various business models like CPM, CPC, CPA, Flat rates...offered by exoclick which provides more flexibility to publishers
  • Variety of ad formats: Mobile, In-video ads, customizable text ads, display banners, direct link, Popunder, Interstitial, Instant Message. Advertisers hence can buy a adspace on web as well as mobile according to budget and type of their application.
  • Behavioural Retargeting: Generally about only 2% of buyers actually complete their purchase/signup/use on the first visit. Retargeting is the idea of targeting those remaining 98% users who have already shown some interest in your brand or product. Exoclick stores a transparent cookie on your users’ browsers. When these users visit other websites Exoclick can retarget these potential customers by displaying your ads.

Creating campaigns :

Advertisers have many options to create new campaigns on ExoClick. Advertiser can configure following five settings for creating a new ad campaign:

  1. General Targeting: Here Advertiser select traffic type (Mobile or web), Adult categories (Amature, teen, Asian etc.), Ad Format (Banner, text, popunder etc..), and targeted countries.

  2. Configuration & Pricing: Here Advertiser select options like pricing model (CPM, CPC, Smart CPM) & his budget availability (Max daily budget)

  3. Sites Targeting: Here Advertiser selects the web network on which he wants his ads to be displayed. Advertiser can select RON option to target all the sites of ExoClick Network, or can also select one or more websites out of Premium Inventory list.

  4. Marketing Material: At this stage of ad campaign creation, Advertiser provides image for banner from a URL or upload from local storage.

  5. Advanced Settings: Here Advertiser makes settings related to Behavioural retargeting and domains targeting (specific domains can be selected for displaying ads or specific domains can be blocked for displaying ads).

With such a rich features ExoClick is an attractive & preferred choice for many advertisers and publishers round the Globe.

website : http://exoclick.com

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